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The Perspectival Nature of Probability and Inference

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The Perspectival Nature of Probability and Inference

It is argued that two observers with the same information may rightly disagree about the probability of an event that they are both observing. This is a correct way of describing the view of a lottery outcome from the perspective of a winner and from the perspective of an observer not connected with the winner - the outcome is improbable for the winner and not improbable for the unconnected observer. This claim is both argued for and extended by developing a case in which a probabilistic inference is supported for one observer and not for another, though they relevantly differ only in perspective, not in any information that they have. It is pointed out, finally, that all probabilities are in this way dependent on perspective.Article

Zuboff, Arnold (2000) The Perspectival Nature of Probability and Inference.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Citation: Inquiry (2000) 43: 353-358.
Subjects: Philosophy
Keywords: Probability, Inference
Divisions: Institute of Philosophy
Collections: London Philosophy Papers
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