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Privacy Notice - SAS Space

SAS-Space is an online library for humanities research outputs, providing a permanent archive for scholars and researchers.

What we collect

For individuals depositing documents we collect and generate the following information:

For authors whose work is added to the library, standard bibliographic data (name, year published, institution etc.) is stored and available for public view, in accordance with the declaration made when submitting work for publication.

The purpose of collecting the data

The University processes the information for the following purposes:

The legal basis

The University has to have a legal basis for processing your data and relies on the following approach:

Bibliographic records will be kept permanently. Your login data will be stored for the duration of your registration.

Sharing data with third parties

SAS-Space is a public access repository of academic research and publications.

The University may use an external contractor or 'data processor' to store or manage its data. It will process this data only for purposes specified by the University and will be bound by contract to meeting the University's obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Your personal data will not be passed to any other third party without your consent, except where the University is required to do so by law.

Rights and further information

You have a number of rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, such as the right of access to your data (the 'Subject Access Right'). For more information, and to view the contact details of the University’s data protection officer, please see the University's Data Protection page at the following link: