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Takedown Policy

Complaint about the content of any item on SAS-Space should first be made by email or by post to the SAS-Space Manager. If an Out-of-Office reply is received, the complaint should be passed to the member of SAS staff named in that reply.

If the complaint is deemed to be genuinely made, then the full-text file of the item will be removed from public view by the end of the working day following that on which the complaint was received. The metadata record will not be altered at this stage. This removal should not be construed as having any bearing on the validity or otherwise of the complaint.

Enquiries will be made as to the validity of the complaint, and a decision made as to whether the item should be permanently hidden from public view or re-exposed. This decision will be made with recourse in all cases to the Publication Committee of the School of Advanced Study. If it is permanently removed, the metadata record will remain visible, but will be amended to reflect the fact of the removal.