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Quality of Legislation and Law-making Process in Saudi Arabia

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Quality of Legislation and Law-making Process in Saudi Arabia

The success of government policies depends largely on effective legislative interventions. Such legislations should be able to deliver the required results for which it was created and therefore it should be of high quality. The quality of legislation depends on its language, quality of form, legislative content and the quality of the production process. This piece of work tries to critically identify quality legislation features in the legislation system of Saudi Arabia and analyze how they are entrenched within the Islamic value and the teachings of Quran. Then it maps the elements and processes of the law-making stages carried in the country and analyze how the process inhibits quality legislation to be achieved. The objective is to draw a theory of practice, based on the quality legislation features and the fundamentals of law-making so as to achieve quality legislation in Saudi Arabia that may be applied to any subject matter and in the Sharia legal system. The theory can help the Saudi government to identify and develop measures for the production of effective quality legislation. It will also assist the country in strengthening its legal framework in a way that supports economic and social transformation, and the progressive enhancement of governance and the rule of law.

Alnahdi, Layla (2014) Quality of Legislation and Law-making Process in Saudi Arabia. Masters thesis, University of London.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Law
Divisions: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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