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On Left and Right Dislocation: A Dynamic Perspective

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On Left and Right Dislocation: A Dynamic Perspective

The paper argues that by modelling the incremental and left-right process of interpretation as a process of growth of logical form (representing logical forms as trees), an integrated typology of left-dislocation and right-dislocation phenomena becomes available, bringing out not merely the similarities between these types of phenomena, but also their asymmetry. The data covered include hanging topic left dislocation, clitic left dislocation, left dislocation, pronoun doubling, expletives, extraposition, and right node raising, with each set of data analysed in terms of general principles of tree growth. In the light of the success in providing a characterisation of the asymmetry between left and right periphery phenomena, a result not achieved in more wellknown formalisms, the paper concludes that grammar formalisms should model the dynamics of language processing in time.Article

Kempson, Ruth and Cann, Ronnie and Otsuka, Masayuki (2002) On Left and Right Dislocation: A Dynamic Perspective.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Philosophy
Keywords: Dynamic syntax, Left-dislocation, Right-dislocation
Divisions: Institute of Philosophy
Collections: London Philosophy Papers
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