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About the Repository

What is SAS-SPACE?

The mission of SAS-SPACE is to provide a stable, well-managed, permanent archive for digital scholarly and research materials of enduring value produced at, or in association with, the School of Advanced Study, University of London. SAS-SPACE is also the platform for digital collections and archives of individuals, scholarly societies and other bodies associated with the School.

Why deposit materials in SAS-SPACE?

  • Digital storage will improve your impact factor. Articles freely available on the Web are cited over 300% more than articles that are not. Your work will be more quickly disseminated throughout the world.
  • Peer-review, though vital to academic publishing, can be time-consuming, as can the various processes leading to print publication. Depositing a preprint in SAS-SPACE permits rapid circulation of new work before the careful peer review of the normal publication process.
  • Deposit in SAS-SPACE will increase exposure to search engines such as Google.
  • Your rights in your work for classroom and research use can be retained. Material licensed to appear in subscription databases may even be unavailable to its creator for use in their own classes and offices. Depositing your work in SAS-SPACE ensures that you and your students always have access to it. Work in SAS-SPACE is easy to link to from other websites.
  • Your work will be preserved in the long term, and you can avoid the consequences of data loss, server maintenance, and archiving problems

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What is the School of Advanced Study?

The School brings together the specialised scholarship and resources of ten prestigious postgraduate research Institutes to offer academic opportunities across and between a wide range of subject fields in the humanities and social sciences. Through its Institutes and in these fields, the School has a primary national research facilitation mission.