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Hartmann, Stephan (2008) Modeling High-Temperature Superconductivity: Correspondence at Bay?

Hartmann, Stephan (2008) Modeling in Philosophy of Science.

Hartmann, Stephan and Pigozzi, G and Sprenger, J (2007) Reliable Methods of Judgment Aggregation.

Hartmann, Stephan and Bovens, L (2007) Welfare, Voting and the Constitution of a Federal Assembly.

Hartmann, Stephan and Bovens, L (2006) An Impossibility Result for Coherence Rankings.

Hartmann, Stephan and Haenni, R (2006) Modeling Partially Reliable Information Sources: A General Approach Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory.

Hartmann, Stephan and Beisbart, C (2006) Welfarism and the Assessments of Social Decision Rules.

Hartmann, Stephan and Bovens, L (2005) Coherence and the Role of Specificity: A Response to Meijs and Douven. Mind, 114 . pp. 365-369.

Hartmann, Stephan and Farmakis, L (2005) Review of P. Lipton: "Inference to the Best Explanation" (2nd ed.).

Hartmann, Stephan and Beisbart, C and Bovens, L (2005) A Utilitarian Assessment of Alternative Decision Rules in the Council of Ministers.

Hartmann, Stephan and Bovens, L (2005) Why There Cannot be a Single Probabilistic Measure of Coherence. Erkenntnis, 63 . pp. 361-374.

Hartmann, Stephan (2004) Artificial Intelligence and its Methodological Implications.

Hartmann, Stephan and Bovens, L (2003) Solving the Riddle of Coherence.

Hartmann, Stephan and Bovens, L (2002) Bayesian Networks and the Problem of Unreliable Instruments.

Hartmann, Stephan and Bovens, L (2002) Bayesian Networks in Philosophy.

Hartmann, Stephan (2002) On Correspondence.

Hartmann, Stephan and Mittelstraß, J (2002) Physics is a Part of Culture and the Basis of Technology.

Hartmann, Stephan and Bovens, L and Fitelson, B and Snyder, J (2002) Too Odd (Not) to Be True: A Reply to Olsson.

Hartmann, Stephan and Bovens, L (2001) Belief Expansion, Contextual Fit and the Reliability of Information Sources.

Hartmann, Stephan (2001) Effective Field Theories, Reduction and Scientific Explanation,.

Hartmann, Stephan (2001) Mechanisms, Coherence, and Theory Choice in the Cognitive Neurosciences.

Hartmann, Stephan and Bovens, L (2001) A Probabilistic Theory of the Coherence of an Information Set.

Bovens, Luc and Hartmann, Stephan (2000) Coherence, Belief Expansion and Bayesian Networks. In: 8th Intl. Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning NMR'2000 , April 2000, Breckenridge, Colorado.

Hartmann, Stephan (2000) Review of J. Cushing: Philosophical Concepts in Physics.

Hartmann, Stephan (1999) Models and Stories in Hadron Physics.

Hartmann, Stephan (1998) Idealization in Quantum Field Theory.

Hartmann, Stephan (1996) The World as a Process: Simulations in the Natural and Social Sciences.

Hartmann, Stephan (1995) Models as a Tool for Theory Construction: Some Strategies of Preliminary Physics.

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