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Wolff, Jonathan (2008) Disability Among Equals.

Wolff, Jonathan (2007) Health Risks and the People Who Bear Them.

Wolff, Jonathan (2007) Making the World Safe for Utilitarianism.

Wolff, Jonathan (2007) Market Failure, Common Interests, and the Titanic Puzzle.

Wolff, Jonathan (2007) Mean, Mode and Median Utilitarianism.

Wolff, Jonathan (2007) What is the Value of Preventing a Fatality?

Wolff, Jonathan (2007) What Sort of Person Am I? Reproductive Choice and Moral Character.

Wolff, Jonathan and Steiner, Hillel (2006) Disputed land claims: a response to Weatherson and to Bou-Habib and Olsaretti.

Wolff, Jonathan and Haubrich, Dirk (2006) Economism and its Limits.

Wolff, Jonathan (2006) Libertarianism, Utility and Economic Competition.

Wolff, Jonathan (2006) Models of Distributive Justice.

Wolff, Jonathan (2006) Philosophy at University College London: Part 1: From Jeremy Bentham to the Second World War. In: Academic Staff Common Room Society.

Wolff, Jonathan (2006) Risk, Fear, Blame, Shame and the Regulation of Public Safety.

Wolff, Jonathan (2005) What's so Bad about Crime? In: Bentham lecture.

Wolff, Jonathan (2004) Are there Moral Limits to the Market? In: (public lecture), 2004, London School of Economics.

Wolff, Jonathan (2003) Karl Marx. In: The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. UNSPECIFIED.

Wolff, Jonathan (2001) Disability in a Society of Equals.

Wolff, Jonathan (2001) Disability in a Society of Equals.

Wolff, Jonathan (2000) Levelling Down.

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