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Interview with Darren Hughff, 8 April 2010

Citation: Hughff, Darren and Sheldon, Nicola (2010) Interview with Darren Hughff, 8 April 2010. [Audio] (Unpublished)

Darren Hughff teaches history in a comprehensive school in Hartlepool. He studied in Glasgow but has worked in the North East since finishing his degree. He recalls the inspirational history teachers at his secondary school and in sixth form and his own experience of learning to teach history by drawing on their example. Darren characterises his teaching style as 'tough but jokey' - he loves story-telling and brings in actions to make the point. Darren discusses the challenges of teaching in an area that has few remnants of its great industrial past in evidence today. He reflects on some of the challenges facing his subject on the school curriculum where it is often seen as harder than other GCSEs. Finally, he shares his favourite lesson - teaching the Battle of Hastings to Year 7. Interviewed by Nicola Sheldon.

Creators: Hughff, Darren and Sheldon, Nicola and
Subjects: History
Keywords: Teachers, GCSE, National Curriculum, Story-telling, North-East, Industrial Revolution, National Curriculum, Twentieth Century, Trips, Comprehensive
Divisions: Institute of Historical Research
Collections: History in Education
  • 8 April 2010 (completed)


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