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Year 7 and 8 school work and project of Rosa Friend, 2002-04

Citation: Friend, Rosa (2002) Year 7 and 8 school work and project of Rosa Friend, 2002-04. [Image] (Unpublished)

Rosa Friend attended Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, from 2002-07. She has been interviewed. Her history school work from the first two years of secondary school includes a variety of written tasks, such as puzzles and worksheets, but also notes and numerous colourful drawings. The introductory section of work focuses on the use of sources as evidence, so the topics of study are varied and come from different historical periods. However, the topics thereafter follow the National Curriculum, such as the Norman Conquest and King John (was he a bad king?). The topics have been studied as historical questions not a continuous narrative. Topics in the second book include the History of Islam and the Lewes 'martyrs' of the sixteenth century. There is also a short illustrated project about Medieval Life.

Creators: Friend, Rosa and
Subjects: History
Keywords: Photographs, School work, Project, 2000s, Medieval, National Curriculum
Divisions: Institute of Historical Research
Collections: History in Education
  • 2002 ()


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