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Better read when dead?

Citation: Duxbury, Neil (2000) Better read when dead? Amicus Curiae, 2000 (32). pp. 25-28.

In an article based on a chapter from his book on Jurists and judges, the author considers why the English convention opposing the citation of living authors in court, which withered away some time ago, ever evolved in the first place. Article by Professor Neil Duxbury (University of Manchester and Visiting Senior Research Fellow, IALS). Published in Amicus Curiae - Journal of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and its Society for Advanced Legal Studies. The Journal is produced by the Society for Advanced Legal Studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

Creators: Duxbury, Neil and
Subjects: Law
Keywords: Court proceedings, legal history, Jurists, Judges
Divisions: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Collections: Amicus Curiae
  • 2000 (published)


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