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Interview with Andre Mahommed

Citation: Mahommed, Andre and Rockel, Vanessa (2012) Interview with Andre Mahommed. [Audio] (Unpublished)


Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

An interview conducted by Vanessa Rockel in 2012 with Andre Mahommed. Part of a series carried out at the Institute of Commonweath Studies as part of the Ruth First Papers project.

Creators: Mahommed, Andre and Rockel, Vanessa and
Subjects: Human Rights & Development Studies
Sociology & Anthropology
Keywords: Interview, Rockel interviews, In Mozambique, English, Mozambique, Maputo, Cape Town, South Africa, Centro de Estudos Africanos, CEA, UWC-Robben Island Mayibuye Archives,
Divisions: Institute of Commonwealth Studies
Collections: Ruth First Archive
  • 10 June 2012 ()


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