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Historia y periodismo en las novelas de Silvia Galvis

Citation: Uribe-Duncan, Jeannette (2011) Historia y periodismo en las novelas de Silvia Galvis. Doctoral thesis, The University of Nottingham.

History and Journalism in Silvia Galvis’s Novels explores the relationship between Galvis’s novels and the influence of two distinctive phenomena in the Spanish American literary tradition: history and journalism. The thesis analyses Galvis’s novels from historical and journalistic perspectives. It explores the main characteristics of the historical novel in order to relate this genre to Galvis’s novels and to assess the extent to which they are historical or not. It draws on Galvis’s historical research on Colombian history and politics to illustrate its relevance in her novels. From a journalistic perspective, the thesis analyses the role of journalism in Spanish America and Colombia in particular, to show the interrelation of this profession with literary writing and the close link between the two professions in Galvis’s novels and columns in El Espectador. The thesis emphasises the constant interrelation between the political history of Colombia and the political function of journalism in the country. It links therefore Galvis’s historical research on politics and journalism with the themes and style of her novels in order to demonstrate this special characteristic of her literary production. It studies the formal mechanisms in Galvis’s novels employed to narrate different periods and places in the history of Colombia and how her columns provide an insight in to her fictional narrative. The thesis also explores on how Galvis’s novels keep alive historical memory in Colombia through the process of writing. Therefore it pays special attention to the role of her characters and narrators as historians, journalists or chroniclers of their own political places and events.

Creators: Uribe-Duncan, Jeannette and
Subjects: Culture, Language & Literature
Latin American Studies
Keywords: silvia galvis, el espectador, colombia
Divisions: Institute of Latin American Studies
Collections: ILAS Occasional Paper Series
Theses and Dissertations
  • May 2011 (submitted)


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