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Legislative drafting: a new sub-discipline of law is born

Citation: Xanthaki, Helen (2013) Legislative drafting: a new sub-discipline of law is born. IALS Student Law Review, 1 (1).

Professor Helen Xanthaki (Academic Director of the Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies at IALS) explains how legislative drafting has been transformed from a skill often associated with government lawyers to a new sub-discipline of law and subject for legal research and scholarship. Her paper describes the creation of a dynamic process with new doctrines, new questions, new answers in the field. Some have been there for a while, others are being introduced or are being borrowed and applied by other disciplines of law and other social sciences. So, is there a new discipline? And what is its place in the study of law? And what is its main philosophy? And what are its main elements?

Creators: Xanthaki, Helen and
  • 2013 ()


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