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Financing Corporate Rescues, Where Does the UK Stand?

Citation: Aruoriwo, Akpareva (2014) Financing Corporate Rescues, Where Does the UK Stand? IALS Student Law Review, 1 (2).

In this paper Akpareva Aruoriwo aims to evaluate the adequacy of the framework available for the financing of corporate rescues in the UK. She examines the legal provision made for prioritising creditors who get involved after an insolvency has been declared, with reference to examples from America and Canada. Without post-insolvency funding, companies may find it very difficult to survive, and without protection for post-insolvency creditors, those creditors may not wish to provide this sort of funding. The author examines the arguments for and against this kind of creditor protection, looking at past calls for reforms to the law and the preparedness of the UK to adopt any reforms.

Creators: Aruoriwo, Akpareva and
  • 2014 ()


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