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Citation: Reports, Book (2014) Book Reports. Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review, 11 . pp. 226-230.

Title: Law on Display The Digital Transformation of Legal Persuasion and Judgment Authors: Neal Feigenson and Christina Spiesel Date and place of publication: New York, 2011 Publisher: New York University Press ISBN: 978 0 8147 2845 1 (paperback) Title: Cloud Storage Forensics Authors: Darren Quick, Ben Martini and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo Date of publication: 2014 Publisher: Syngress, an imprint of Elsevier ISBN: 978 0 12 419970 5 (paperback) Title: Plugged in: Guidebook to Software and the Law Authors: Daniel B. Garrier and Francis M. Allegra Date of publication: 2013 Publisher: Thomson Reuters Westlaw ISBN: 978 0 314 61223 6 (paperback)

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