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Ritual Traditions of Non-Mediterranean Europe

Citation: Woolf, Greg (2015) Ritual Traditions of Non-Mediterranean Europe. In: A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World. Wiley-Blackwell, Malden, pp. 465-477. ISBN 978-1-4443-5000-5


Creative Commons: Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0

This piece is a contribution to a handbook to the archaeology of ancient religion and attempts to summarize the main lines of religious practice in temperate Europe in the late Iron Age and Early Historic periods.

Creators: Woolf, Greg (0000-0003-3470-9061) and
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Subjects: Classics
Divisions: Institute of Classical Studies
  • 1 May 2015 (published)
  • 1 December 2013 (accepted)


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