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Russian Evolution: Rozhdestvensky and the ‘image of the author’ explored with reference to his book General Philology (1996) Moscow

Citation: Coghill, Mary (2017) Russian Evolution: Rozhdestvensky and the ‘image of the author’ explored with reference to his book General Philology (1996) Moscow. In: Russian Evolution: Russian Reflections; A Conference on the work of Yuri Rozhdestvensky: his Contribution to Linguistics, rhetoric, communication theory, semiotics, Poetics and Narratology, 20/21st October 2017, Senate House, University of London. (Unpublished)

Rozhdestvensky conference presentation - author Coghill -21.10.17.pdf

Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

The work of Professor Yuri Rozhdestvensky is almost completely unavailable in English. This paper provides analysis of two parts of his book, General Philology – the Introduction and Chapter Five entitled ‘Printed Literature’ . This work is translated for the first time by Paul and Elena Richard and is now available on . Analysis of this translated work reveals Rozhdestvensky’s lifelong interest and commitment to a theory of culture as a historical, linguistic, philological and semiotic development. The paper presented here highlights the analysis of poetics in Chapter Five with reference to Professor V. V. Vinogradov whose work is also largely unavailable in English translation. The use of codes, as defined by Roman Jakobson, provides the theory for the provision of connections between Rozhdestvensky’s analysis of culture, poetics, linguistics, semiotics and philology whereby his work can be understood by those unfamiliar with his theoretical position. This includes special emphasis on Vinogradov’s theory of the image of the author. The necessary component of diachrony in Rozhdestvensky’s work and the links to the discipline of Narratology are highlighted. It is concluded that Rozhdestvensky has unique and original contributions to make to academic studies through his particular understanding of a Theory of Culture.

Additional Information: This paper explores the theories of Professor Yuri Rozhdestvensky which are discussed in Chapter 5 of his book 'General Philology' This chapter was translated by Paul and Elena Richard and is also available on the sas-space website. The two papers are meant to be considered in conjunction with each other. They form the completion of Dr Mary Coghill's Visiting Research Fellowship at the Institute of English Studies
Creators: Coghill, Mary and
Subjects: English
Keywords: Keywords: Yuri Rozhdestvensky, V V Vinogradov, the image of the author, Diachronic Philology, Roman Jakobson, Narratology
Divisions: Institute of English Studies
  • 2017 (completed)
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