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Formalist Poetics: towards a theory of a city poetic with special reference to the definition and use of the metonym

Citation: Coghill, Mary (1916) Formalist Poetics: towards a theory of a city poetic with special reference to the definition and use of the metonym. In: Poetics and Metonymy Conference, 22nd October 2016, Senate House, University of London. (Submitted)

Formalist Poetics and Metonymy sas-space 11. 17.pdf

Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

This paper is the presentation of part of the author’s Visiting Research Fellowship Research 2015/6 at the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Studies, University of London. It highlights the observation by Roman Jakobson that the metonym, with its quality of contiguity and association is under-researched in poetry and poetics (‘Two Aspects of Language’ in Language and Literature (1987) Cambridge MA, Harvard UP [1956] pp95-114). The paper refers to the definitions of metonym arising from the work of Roman Jakobson and his theory of Poetic Function. It is suggested that analysis of the poetic use of the metonym requires reference not only to the discipline of Linguistics but also to Semiotics. If there is a semiotic requirement to fully enable the metonymic content of poetry then does this require a particular use of how the metonym is defined and used? Examples of city poetry explored include work by Sarah Wardle ‘Commuter’s Pentameter’, Rosemary Tonks ‘Bedouin of the London Evening’, Tony Lopez Datashadow - one sonnet, p17, and David Jones - 2 pages of ‘Lady of the Pool’.

Additional Information: Poetics and Metonymy Conference Poetics of the Metonym with Reference to City Poetry Saturday, 22nd October 2016, 10.30am – 5.00pm Room 243, Senate House, Malet Street Programme: 10.00 Registration 10.10 Opening Remarks and Introduction from the Chair 10.20 Mary Coghill: Formalist Poetics: towards a theory of a city poetic with special reference to the definition and use of the metonym 11.05 Sebastian Matzner: Metonymia at Aulis 11.50 Tea and coffee break 12.05 Sarah Wardle: Poetry and Metonymy: Writing the City 12.50 Lunch (own arrangements) 13.30 Jeannette Littlemore: A Framework for Understanding Creative Uses Of Metonymy 14.15 Dominic Lash: Constraining truths: JH Prynne on metonymy and metonymy in JH Prynne 15.00 Tea and coffee break 15.15 Qiaoyun Peng: The “Paris” Imagery in Mayakovsky’s Poetry – Metropolis, Love and Revolution 16.00 Closing remarks and final questions 16.30 Conference end Contact:
Creators: Coghill, Mary and
Subjects: Culture, Language & Literature
Keywords: Metonymy, Roman Jakobson, Poetic Function, Formalist Poetics
Divisions: Institute of English Studies
  • 22 October 1916 (completed)
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