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Zaum: Beyond Mind (1)

Citation: Wilkins, Caroline Zaum: Beyond Mind (1).

Abstract: One definition of the genre music theatre would be the shift of 'play' between music, image and text, involving elements such as gesture, choreography, and sound: a re-examination of spatial and temporal aspects, of the relation between performers and public, between performer and instrument. My research is an investigation into new, hybrid forms of music-theatre genres such as sound theatre, staged concert, or performance installation.

Additional Information: Summary: Work in progress presentation, Composer/Performer: Caroline Wilkins, PhD candidate in cross-disciplinary Practice as Research, Depts. of Music & Drama. File 1: Instrument Woman File 2: Woman Instrument Title of research: ‘The Instrument in space: the embodiment of music / sound in the machine / digital age’. Series Title: Zaum: Beyond Mind Event Title: Cross School Event; Event Venue: Antonin Artaud building, Brunel university; Event Date: 2009-06-03;
Creators: Wilkins, Caroline and
Subjects: Music
Keywords: Material type: Workshops and Demonstrations, Musical Tradition: Western Classical,
Divisions: Institute of Musical Research
Collections: Practice as Research in Music Online (PRIMO)
References: Composers: Wilkins, Caroline; Performers: Wilkins, Caroline (Voice, Bandoneon); Contains third-party copyright material: no; Acknowledgements of support: Every creative participant involved in the recording, namely Jonathan Trusler, video artist, and the Drama department of Brunel university, have licensed me to claim the research as my own and publish it on PRIMO.;


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