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El General Paz y los hombres que lo han calumniado

Citation: "Unos amigos de la justicia" (1848) El General Paz y los hombres que lo han calumniado. Imprenta Hispano-Americana, Montevideo. (Unpublished)


Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0


Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0

Commentary on the province of Corrientes, the civil war and peace negotiations, including correspondence between Gregorio Valdes, Jose Miguel Galan, Joaquin Madariaga, José María Paz and others, dated 1846-1847, and extracts from the 16 documents relating to the 1841 peace negotiations. Signed 'Unos Amigos de la Justicia', possibly Ángel Navarro,

Creators: "Unos amigos de la justicia", and
Subjects: Politics
Latin American Studies
Keywords: Item type: Memorandum, Countries: Uruguay, Themes: Political Culture, Other keywords: José María Paz, Justo José de Urquiza, Joaquin Madariaga, Civil War, Peace,
Divisions: Institute of Latin American Studies
Collections: Liberalism in the Americas Digital Archive
  • 1848 (completed)
References: Project Record ID: A00125; Folder: CUP_405_B_36; BL Catalogue number: CUP_405_B_36;


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