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Quitada de las monjas y los frailes

Citation: "Tremebundo" (1833) Quitada de las monjas y los frailes. Impresa por Antonio Alcalde, Mexico City. (Unpublished)


Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0


Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0

Discussion of religion in Mexico following the establishment of the federal constitution, containing the following sections: 'Religion'; 'Canonigos'; 'Diezmos'; 'Frailes'; 'Monjas' and 'Ejercito permanente'. Dated 29 October 1833

Creators: "Tremebundo", and
Subjects: Politics
Latin American Studies
Keywords: Item type: Memorandum, Countries: Mexico, Themes: Church and State, Other keywords: Catholicism, Constitutionalism, Civil Law, Government Institutions, Church and Society, Ecclesiastical Law, Armed Forces,
Divisions: Institute of Latin American Studies
Collections: Liberalism in the Americas Digital Archive
  • 1833 (completed)
References: Project Record ID: A00873; Folder: 9770_k_11_(237); BL Catalogue number: 9770_k_11_(237);


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