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La libertad pide ejército y la federacion lo reclama

Citation: "Varios ciudadanos de todas clases" (1833) La libertad pide ejército y la federacion lo reclama. Impreso por Juan Ojeda, Mexico City. (Unpublished)


Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0


Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0

Response to the government's proposed rearrangement of the Mexican army, which includes having a permanent army defending the country's extended coastline and borders, and soldiers dedicated to maintaining civil order. Dated 7 November 1833

Creators: "Varios ciudadanos de todas clases", and
Subjects: Politics
Latin American Studies
Keywords: Item type: Memorandum, Countries: Mexico, Themes: Political Culture, Other keywords: Armed Forces, Government Institutions, Government Administration, Territory, Civil Law, Federalism,
Divisions: Institute of Latin American Studies
Collections: Liberalism in the Americas Digital Archive
  • 1833 (completed)
References: Project Record ID: A00770; Folder: 9770_k_11_(125); BL Catalogue number: 9770_k_11_(125);


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