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Mirrors Without Warnings

Citation: Frigg, Roman and Nguyen, James (2019) Mirrors Without Warnings. Synthese . (In Press)


Creative Commons: Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Veritism, the position that truth is necessary for epistemic acceptability, seems to be in tension with the observation that much of our best science is not, strictly speaking, true when interpreted literally. This generates a paradox: (i) truth is necessary for epistemic acceptability; (ii) the claims of science have to be taken literally; (iii) much of what science produces is not literally true and yet it is acceptable. We frame Elgin’s project in True Enough as being motivated by, and offering a particular resolution to, this paradox. We discuss the paradox with a particular focus on scientific models and argue that there is another resolution available which is compatible with retaining veritism: rejecting the idea that scientific models should be interpreted literally.

Creators: Frigg, Roman (0000-0003-0812-0907) and Nguyen, James (0000-0002-6919-1365) and
Official URL:
Subjects: Philosophy
Divisions: Institute of Philosophy
  • 19 April 2019 (accepted)


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