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Mabel Bent, her chronicle in the Kyklades, 1883.

Citation: Bent, Mabel (1885) Mabel Bent, her chronicle in the Kyklades, 1883. Oxford : Archaeopress, 2006.

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Creative Commons: Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Bent notebook 01. The diary of Mabel Bent, in her own handwriting, in a purple leatherette pocket-book. It covers the period of November 1883- April 1884 and is published in Gerald Brisch (ed.) - World enough and time: the travel chronicles of Mrs. J. Theodore Bent. Volume I: Greece and the Levantine Littoral (Oxford : Archaeopress, 2006) pages 1-61. Includes loose sheet at end, giving a list of islands, and a letter to Theodore Bent from George Phaedros, their dragoman, dated from Smyrna on 1st February 1884.

Creators: Bent, Mabel and
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Subjects: Classics
Divisions: Institute of Classical Studies
Collections: Combined Classics Library
  • 1885 (completed)


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