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Van Bavel, Jay J. and Cichocka, Aleksandra and Capraro, Valerio and Sjåstad, Hallgeir and Nezlek, John B. and Pavlović, Tomislav and Alfano, Mark and Gelfand, Michele J. and Azevedo, Flavio and Birtel, Michèle D. and Cislak, Aleksandra and Lockwood, Patricia L. and Ross, Robert Malcolm and Abts, Koen and Agadullina, Elena and Aruta, John Jamir Benzon and Besharati, Sahba Nomvula and Bor, Alexander and Choma, Becky L. and Crabtree, Charles David and Cunningham, William A. and De, Koustav and Ejaz, Waqas and Elbaek, Christian T. and Findor, Andrej and Flichtentrei, Daniel and Franc, Renata and Gjoneska, Biljana and Gruber, June and Gualda, Estrella and Horiuchi, Yusaku and Huynh, Toan Luu Duc and Ibanez, Agustin and Imran, Mostak Ahamed and Israelashvili, Jacob and Jasko, Katarzyna and Kantorowicz, Jaroslaw and Kantorowicz-Reznichenko, Elena and Krouwel, André and Laakasuo, Michael and Lamm, Claus and Leygue, Caroline and Lin, Ming-Jen and Mansoor, Mohammad Sabbir and Marie, Antoine and Mayiwar, Lewend and Mazepus, Honorata and McHugh, Cillian and Minda, John Paul and Mitkidis, Panagiotis and Olsson, Andreas and Otterbring, Tobias and Packer, Dominic J. and Perry, Anat and Petersen, Michael Bang and Puthillam, Arathy and Riaño-Moreno, Julián C. and Rothmund, Tobias and Santamaría-García, Hernando and Schmid, Petra C. and Stoyanov, Drozdstoy and Tewari, Shruti and Todosijević, Bojan and Tsakiris, Manos and Tung, Hans H. and Umbreș, Radu G. and Vanags, Edmunds and Vlasceanu, Madalina and Vonasch, Andrew and Yucel, Meltem and Zhang, Yucheng and Abad, Mohcine and Adler, Eli and Akrawi, Narin and Mdarhri, Hamza Alaoui and Amara, Hanane and Amodio, David M. and Antazo, Benedict G. and Apps, Matthew and Ay, F. Ceren and Ba, Mouhamadou Hady and Barbosa, Sergio and Bastian, Brock and Berg, Anton and Bernal-Zárate, Maria P. and Bernstein, Michael and Białek, Michał and Bilancini, Ennio and Bogatyreva, Natalia and Boncinelli, Leonardo and Booth, Jonathan E. and Borau, Sylvie and Buchel, Ondrej and Cameron, C. Daryl and Carvalho, Chrissie F. and Celadin, Tatiana and Cerami, Chiara and Chalise, Hom Nath and Cheng, Xiaojun and Cian, Luca and Cockcroft, Kate and Conway, Jane and Córdoba-Delgado, Mateo Andres and Crespi, Chiara and Crouzevialle, Marie and Cutler, Jo and Cypryańska, Marzena and Dabrowska, Justyna and Daniels, Michael A. and Davis, Victoria H. and Dayley, Pamala N. and Delouvee, Sylvain and Denkovski, Ognjan and Dezecache, Guillaume and Dhaliwal, Nathan A. and Diato, Alelie B. and Di Paolo, Roberto and Drosinou, Marianna and Dulleck, Uwe and Ekmanis, Jānis and Ertan, Arhan S. and Etienne, Tom W. and Farhana, Hapsa Hossain and Farkhari, Fahima and Farmer, Harry and Fenwick, Ali and Fidanovski, Kristijan and Flew, Terry and Fraser, Shona and Frempong, Raymond Boadi and Fugelsang, Jonathan A. and Gale, Jessica and Garcia-Navarro, E. Begoña and Garladinne, Prasad and Ghajjou, Oussama and Gkinopoulos, Theofilos and Gray, Kurt and Griffin, Siobhán M. and Gronfeldt, Bjarki and Gümren, Mert and Gurung, Ranju Lama and Halperin, Eran and Harris, Elizabeth and Herzon, Volo and Hruška, Matej and Huang, Guanxiong and Hudecek, Matthias F. C. and Isler, Ozan and Jangard, Simon and Jørgensen, Frederik J. and Kachanoff, Frank and Kahn, John and Dangol, Apsara Katuwal and Keudel, Oleksandra and Koppel, Lina and Koverola, Mika and Kubin, Emily and Kunnari, Anton and Kutiyski, Yordan and Laguna, Oscar and Leota, Josh and Lermer, Eva and Levy, Jonathan and Levy, Neil and Li, Chunyun and Long, Elizabeth U. and Longoni, Chiara and Maglić, Marina and McCashin, Darragh and Metcalf, Alexander L. and Mikloušić, Igor and El Mimouni, Soulaimane and Miura, Asako and Molina-Paredes, Juliana and Monroy-Fonseca, César and Morales-Marente, Elena and Moreau, David and Muda, Rafał and Myer, Annalisa and Nash, Kyle and Nesh-Nash, Tarik and Nitschke, Jonas P. and Nurse, Matthew S. and Ohtsubo, Yohsuke and Oldemburgo de Mello, Victoria and O’Madagain, Cathal and Onderco, Michal and Palacios-Galvez, M. Soledad and Palomäki, Jussi and Pan, Yafeng and Papp, Zsófia and Pärnamets, Philip and Paruzel-Czachura, Mariola and Pavlović, Zoran and Payán-Gómez, César and Perander, Silva and Pitman, Michael Mark and Prasad, Rajib and Pyrkosz-Pacyna, Joanna and Rathje, Steve and Raza, Ali and Rêgo, Gabriel G. and Rhee, Kasey and Robertson, Claire E. and Rodríguez-Pascual, Iván and Saikkonen, Teemu and Salvador-Ginez, Octavio and Sampaio, Waldir M. and Santi, Gaia C. and Santiago-Tovar, Natalia and Savage, David and Scheffer, Julian A. and Schönegger, Philipp and Schultner, David T. and Schutte, Enid M. and Scott, Andy and Sharma, Madhavi and Sharma, Pujan and Skali, Ahmed and Stadelmann, David and Stafford, Clara Alexandra and Stanojević, Dragan and Stefaniak, Anna and Sternisko, Anni and Stoica, Agustin and Stoyanova, Kristina K. and Strickland, Brent and Sundvall, Jukka and Thomas, Jeffrey P. and Tinghög, Gustav and Torgler, Benno and Traast, Iris J. and Tucciarelli, Raffaele and Tyrala, Michael and Ungson, Nick D. and Uysal, Mete S. and Van Lange, Paul A. M. and van Prooijen, Jan-Willem and van Rooy, Dirk and Västfjäll, Daniel and Verkoeijen, Peter and Vieira, Joana B. and von Sikorski, Christian and Walker, Alexander Cameron and Watermeyer, Jennifer and Wetter, Erik and Whillans, Ashley and Willardt, Robin and Wohl, Michael J. A. and Wójcik, Adrian Dominik and Wu, Kaidi and Yamada, Yuki and Yilmaz, Onurcan and Yogeeswaran, Kumar and Ziemer, Carolin-Theresa and Zwaan, Rolf A. and Boggio, Paulo S. (2022) National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic. Nature Communications, 13 (1). ISSN 2041-1723

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