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Editorial (1940) US Attorney General Jackson requests the Dies Committee not to tip-off any cases it refers to the Department of Justice. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Dies committee's "Red Paper" demonstrating Communist party's plans to sabotage defence industry. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Details on the Congressional Joint Resolution amending Section 4 of the 1939 Neutrality Act and Red Cross fundraising. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Senate approves President Roosevelt's proposed amendment to the Neutrality Act. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Senate and House unanimous in granting postponement of debt payments. No Publisher, us. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Article on the mysterious presence of Nazi minister in Philadelphia. No Publisher, us. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Hamilton Fish aks for inquiry on "Nazi" white book. No Publisher, us. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Philippine President Manuel Quezon moving to revise autonomy. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Inquiry demanded into Nazi propoganda. No Publisher, us. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Philippine President Manuel Quezon suggests 'semi-independence'. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Dies Committee to have open hearings and subcommittee regarding Mexico as base for alien groups. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) US High Commissioner Francis B. Sayre on the Philippine independence. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Inter-American Bank approved with a capitalisation of $100,000,000. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Assistant Secretary of State, Henry F. Grady's testimony to the House's Ways and Means Commission on gold imports and the Executive making trade agreements. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) Summary of Former US Secretary of State, Henry L. Stimson's call for an end to arms sales to Japan. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1940) British Ambassador to China holds meetings with Chinese Foreign Minister. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1939) New York Seventh Day Adventist on life on Pitcairn island. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1939) German submarines already sunk twenty four neutral vessels, S.S. City of Flint carried lawful cargo. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1939) S.S. City of Flint incident opens up questions of international law. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1939) Article discussing US banning belligerent Merchantmen carrying guns. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1939) Article discussing whether US can allow belligerent merchantmen to carry guns. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1939) Background on Earl Baldwin and summary of his speech at World Congress on Education for Democracy dinner. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1939) Positive appraisal by New York Tribune of Earl Baldwin's conduct and speech on democracy in New York. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1939) News article on speech given by former US President Herbert Hoover regarding the impact of war, July 6th 1939. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Editorial (1939) Former US President Hoover calls for the US to formally declare the intent to stay out of war. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

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