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Ford, Joseph (2022) Towards a Vernacular Poetics of World-making: Edouard Glissant, Abdelkébir Khatibi, and Kaouther Adimi. Modern Languages Open . ISSN 2052-5397

Ford, Joseph and Santos, Emanuelle (2022) Decolonising languages: Ways forward for UK HE and beyond. Languages, Society and Policy . ISSN 2515-3854

Foster, Kate (2022) Lèche-vitrines: Human Identity and the Mannequin in 'Au Bonheur des Dames'. Dix-Neuf .

Harloe, Katherine (2022) Leben in (Liebes-)Briefen. Lesarten von Winckelmanns Korrespondenz im langen 19. Jahrhundert. Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und Allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft (ZÄK) (Sonderheft), 23 . pp. 91-111. ISSN 0044-2186

Knox, Rupert (2022) Mobilising and constraining: the dynamics of human rights discourse in two Mexican social movements. International Journal of Human Rights .

Miglietti, Sara (2022) Jean Bodin: une pensée en mouvement. Etude des variantes entre les deux rédactions de la Methodus (1566, 1572). Seizième Siècle .

Montoya, Ainhoa and Sieder, Rachel and Bravo-Espinosa, Yacotzin (2022) Juridificación multiescalar frente a la industria minera: experiencias de Centroamérica y México. ÍCONOS Revista de Ciencias Sociales, XXVI (72). pp. 57-78. ISSN 1390-1249

Shea, Nicholas (2022) Concepts as Plug & Play Devices. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. . ISSN 1471-2970 (Submitted)

Shea, Nicholas and Thorne, Sapphira and Smortchkova, Joulia and Quilty-dunn, Jake and Hampton, James A (2022) Is Concept Appraisal Modulated by Procedural or Declarative Manipulations? Frontiers in Psychology, 13 . ISSN 13:774629.

Sieder, Rachel and Montoya, Ainhoa and Bravo, Yacotzin (2022) Presentación del dossier. Extractivismo minero en América Latina: la juridificación de los conflictos socioambientales. ÍCONOS Revista de Ciencias Sociales, XXVI (72). pp. 7-12. ISSN 1390-1249

Book Section

Miglietti, Sara (2022) Un Caso Di Autotraduzione Medico-Scientifica Nel Rinascimento: Il Pourtraict De La Santé / Diaeteticon Polyhistoricon Di Joseph Duchesne (1606). In: TRADUIRE – TRADURRE TRANSLATING. Vie des mots et voies des œuvres dans l’Europe de la Renaissance. Droz.


Cleaver, Laura and Magnusson, Danielle (2022) The Trade in Rare Books and Manuscripts Between Britain and America c. 1890-1929: Constructing Cultural Histories. Publishing and Book Culture . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 978-1-009-06905-2


Chimbwanda, Victor (2022) Embedding Skills in African Customary Law and Culture in the Llb Curriculum: An Empirical Study of Pedagogical Approaches in Selected African University Law Schools. Doctoral thesis, University of London.

Clements, Diane (2022) Annuity loans and private credit in Britain, 1750-1813. Doctoral thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Couling-dini, Antonia (2022) London's green spaces and contested heritage: a research audit and analysis of London's public parks and gardens and their links to the slave trade in response to the government's 2021 Retain and Explain policy. Masters thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Davies, Cecelia (2022) An examination of post-industrial landscape design on former transport routes: the transport route park. Masters thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Hersee, Katharine (2022) The Blitz as a catalyst for greening London: a study of historical sources using a Geographical Information System. Masters thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Hoff, Marcelle (2022) F. Inigo Thomas: painterly architect and neglected proponent of the concept of the garden in relation to the house. Masters thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Mcintosh, Muriel (2022) Iron park furniture in public parks 1860-1914: providing for the people? Masters thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Nesbitt, Anne (2022) Slides, sandpits and sustainability: children's play in London parks and public spaces, 1970s to the present day. Masters thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Robinson, Linda (2022) The history of landscaping traffic roundabouts and their present functions beyond traffic management. Masters thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Sarathy, Paula (2022) Women, education and the birth of a profession: a study of the Lowthorpe School landscape architecture of Groton, Massachusetts (1901-1945). Masters thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Tenneson, Sara (2022) The revival of the formal garden in the late nineteenth century and the contribution of architects George Devey (1820-1886) and Sir Reginald Blomfield (1856-1942). Doctoral thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

White, Lisa (2022) Alexander McKenzie, the 19th century horticulturist and landscape designer: his life, career, and legacy. Masters thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Discussion or working paper

Alberghini, Diana (2022) Showing its Age: The 1951 Convention and the Right to Work - the Example of Ethiopia. [Discussion or working paper]

Bewick, Rose (2022) Dignity in Repatriation: What does it mean for UNHCR? [Discussion or working paper]

Dräger, Susanne (2022) The EU Screening Regulation Proposal and the Right to Asylum - Cementing Fortress Europe? [Discussion or working paper]

Franzè, Federica (2022) The ‘(In)security Decree’: Undermining Practices of Reception in the Italian Hosting Mechanism. [Discussion or working paper]

Mekonnen, Daniel and Palacios Arapiles, Sara (2022) The Eritrean practice of the issuance of identity-proving documents with particular focus on the case of returnees from Ethiopia. [Discussion or working paper]

Neginskiy, Katherine (2022) Building Career Pathways for Resettled Refugees in the United States. [Discussion or working paper]

Wynne, Emma (2022) Menstrual Hygiene Management in the Refugee Context: Learning from Piloted Interventions in East Africa. [Discussion or working paper]

de Nicolás Izquierdo, Cristina (2022) Survival Migration: A Study of Central American Transwomen’s Decision to Flee. [Discussion or working paper]

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