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[Warburg Institute] Aries (with text within the outlines of the image). [Image]

[Author unspecified] (2007) Bhimakali Temple Museum, Sarahan. [Image]

[Warburg Institute] Centaurus, holding a dead hare, a spear, and another dead animal (with text within the outlines of the image). [Image]

[Warburg Institute] Circular diagram illustrating the relations between the four evangelists, twelve prophets, twelve patriarchs, and the twelve apostles. [Image]

[Author unspecified] (2007) Devatta Procession, Rampur (winter capital of the state of Bashahr). [Image]

[Warburg Institute] Diagram 'Mundus-Annus-Homo' with the four elements, the four seasons, and the four temperaments. [Image]

[Warburg Institute] Diagram of the twelve winds. [Image]

[Warburg Institute] Lyra (with text within the outlines of the image). [Image]

[Author unspecified] (2007) Nako Temple Complex, Nako. [Image]

[Warburg Institute] Perseus, holding the head of Medusa and a rod with a curved hook protruding from it (with text within the outlines of the image). [Image]

[Warburg Institute] Pisces, horizontally arranged (with text within the outlines of the image). [Image]

[Author unspecified] (2007) Reception Hall in Raja's Palace, Rampur. [Image]

[Warburg Institute] Sagitta (as a bow; with text within the outlines of the image). [Image]

[Warburg Institute] Spheres of the planets. [Image]

[Author unspecified] (2007) Tibetan Buddhist Temples in Rekong Peo. [Image]

Allen, Grace (2015) Vernacular Encounters with Aristotle’s Politics in Italy, 1260‒1600. PhD thesis, University of London.

Giglioni, Guido (2007) The Eternal Return of the Same Intellects. A new edition of Girolamo Cardano's De Immortalitate Animorum. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XIII (1). pp. 177-183. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2010) Fazio and His Demons: Girolamo Cardano on the art of storytelling and the science of witnessing. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XVI (2). pp. 463-472. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2010) The First of the Moderns or the Last of the Ancients? Bernardino Telesio on Nature and Sentience. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XVI (1). pp. 69-87. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2012) Introduction: Tommaso Campanella and the arts of writing. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XVIII (1). pp. 11-13. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2012) The Metaphysical Implications of Campanella's Notion of Fiction. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XVIII (1). pp. 31-41. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2012) Philosophy According to Tacitus: Francis Bacon and the Inquiry into the Limits of Human Self-Delusion. Perspectives in Science, 20 (2). pp. 159-182. ISSN 1530-9274

Giglioni, Guido (2010) Synesian Dreams. Giacomo Cardano on dreams as means of prophetic communication. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XVI (2). pp. 575-584. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2008) What Ever happened to Francis Glisson? Albrecht Haller and the Fate of Eighteenth-Century Irritability. Science in Context, 21 (4). pp. 1-29. ISSN 1474-0664

Gordian, Michael (2015) The Culture of Dis/simulation in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Europe. PhD thesis, University of London.

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Achi Lhakang in Phyang Gonpa. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Alchi stupas. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Ba-sgo Kanjurs (gold and silver). [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Basgo Fort, Ladakh. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Basgo Fort, Ladakh. [Image] (Unpublished)

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Basgo Village, Ladakh. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Brag thog monastery. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Chamba Lhakang, Basgo Fort (Ladakh). [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Chamchung Lhakang, Basgo Fort (Ladakh). [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Entrance Gates to the Bhimakali Temple Complex, Sarahan. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Gomik - New Monastery, Spiti. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Gomik - Old monastery, Spiti.

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Hanuman Temple in Bimakali Temple Courtyard, Sarahan. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Hemis Festival. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Images from the Town of Rampur, old capital of Bashahr. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Inside the Bhimakali Temple Complex, Sarahan. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Inside the Bimakali Temple Complex. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Islamic reception for HH 14th Dalai Lama, Leh 2007. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Kyi Monastery, Spiti. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Langza, Spiti. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) The Last Trading Post in Kinnaur - Namgya Village and the caravan route to Tibet. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Legal Documents in Thakri script on Bashahr. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED.

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Lossar Rural Museum, Collections Part I (Lahaul). [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Lossar Rural Museum, Collections Part II. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Lossar Rural Museum, Collections Part III. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Nako Temple Complex. [Image] (Unpublished)

Halkias, Georgios (2008) On the way to Basgo Fort, Ladakh. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Palace Compound in Rampur, the old capital of the Rajas of Bashahr. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Serzang Lhakang, Basgo Fort (Ladakh). [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Small Bhimakali Temple, Bhimakali Temple Complex, Sarahan. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Snake Charmers at Rekong Peo. [Image]

Mack, Peter (2001) Elizabethan Parliamentary Oratory. Huntington Library Quarterly, 64 (1-2). pp. 23-61.

Mack, Peter (1993) Rhetoric and the Essay. Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 23 (2).

Mack, Peter (2000) Rudolph Agricola's Christmas Sermon. In: Limae labor et mora : opstellen voor Fokke Akkerman ter gelegenheid van zijn zeventigste verjaardag. Ed. by Z. von Martels, P. Steenbakkers and A. Vanderjagt. Damon, Leende, pp. 45-54.

Quiviger, Francois (1987) Benedetto Varchi and the visual arts. Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 50 . pp. 219-224.

Quiviger, Francois (2007) Relief is in the mind: observations on Renaissance Low-Relief sculpture. In: Depth of Field. Relief Sculpture in Renaissance Italy. Lang, Oxford, pp. 169-189. ISBN 9783039111114 (pbk.)

Rodriguez Arribas, Josefina (2009) Astronomical and Ecological Terms in Ibn Ezra's Biblical Commentaries: A New Approach. Culture and Cosmos, 13 (1). pp. 3-24. ISSN 1368-6534 (In Press)

Rodriguez Arribas, Josefina (2010) Science in Poetic Contexts: Astronomy and Astrology in the Hebrew Poetry of Sepharad (Ciencia en un contexto poético: Astronomía y astrología en la poesía hebrea de Sefarad). Miscelanea de Estudios Arabes y Hebraicos, 59 . pp. 167-202. ISSN 2340-2547

Scafi, Alessandro (2008) The African Paradise of Cardinal Carvajal: New Light on the “Kunstmann II Map,” 1502–1506. Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme, 31.2. .

Scafi, Alessandro (2010) Epilogue: a heaven on earth. In: Paradise in Antiquity : Jewish and Christian views. Ed. by Markus Bockmuehl and Guy G. Stroumsa. Cambridge University Press, pp. 210-220. ISBN 9780521117869

Scafi, Alessandro (2011) Finishing the Unfinished: Paradise in Fausto da Longiano's Vernacular Translation of Piccolomini's Cosmographia (1544). In: Mantova e il Rinascimento italiano : studi in onore di David S. Chambers. Sometti, Mantova, pp. 1-12.

Scafi, Alessandro (2006) The Image of Persia in Western Medieval Cartography. In: Proceedings of the 5th conference of the Societas Iranological Europæa held in Ravenna, 6-11 October 2003. Edited by Antonio Panaino and Riccardo Zipoli. Mimesis Edizioni, Milan.

Scafi, Alessandro (2011) Mapping the Religious Mind: India and the Medieval Geography of Religion. In: Dean's Seminar. (Unpublished)

Taylor, Paul (2011) Henri Frankfort, Aby Warburg and ‘Mythopoeic Thought’. Journal of Art Historiography (5). pp. 1-16. ISSN 2042-4752

Toth, Peter (2012) Dean's Seminar: Prophets-Play: Personifying the Old Testament from Early Christian Homiletics to Medieval Drama. In: Dean's Seminar, 13-06-2012, Senate House, School of Advanced Study.

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