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Ausilio á las observaciones sobre la contribucion directa

Citation: Anon., UNSPECIFIED Ausilio á las observaciones sobre la contribucion directa. Imprenta del C. Urbano Sanroman. (Unpublished)


Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0


Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0

Observations on taxation and finance laws, shortages of capital and the current financial state of the armed forces, mining, agriculture, industry and urban farms, and the establishment of personal taxes. Dated 18 April 1825, possibly published Guadalajara, 1825

Creators: Anon., UNSPECIFIED and
Subjects: Politics
Latin American Studies
Keywords: Item type: Memorandum, Countries: Mexico, Themes: Economic Policy, Development and Ideas, Other keywords: Civil Law, Taxation, Public Revenue, Government Institutions, Armed Forces, Industry, Agriculture, Capital,
Divisions: Institute of Latin American Studies
Collections: Liberalism in the Americas Digital Archive
References: Project Record ID: A00832; Folder: 9770_bb_15_(32); BL Catalogue number: 9770_bb_15_(32);


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