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Establishment of the Inter-American Bank

Citation: Kerr, Philip Henry (1940) Establishment of the Inter-American Bank. No Publisher. (Unpublished)

Establishment of the Inter-American Bank to be located in Washington or New York with a proposed capitalisation of $100,000,000. The distribution of a country's shares to be dependent on the value of its foreign trade in 1938.

Additional Information: Creators: Philip Henry Kerr (UK Ambassador to US); Recipients: Edward Frederick Lindley Wood (UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs); Writing format: Print;
Creators: Kerr, Philip Henry and
Subjects: Politics
Latin American Studies
Keywords: Despatch, Costa Rica, United of States of America, Ecuador, *Saint Pierre and Miquelon (French colony), Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil,
Divisions: Institute of Latin American Studies
Collections: Atlantic Archive: UK-US Relations in an Age of Global War 1939-1945
  • 20 February 1940 (completed)
References: TNA Reference: FO 115/ 3421 - Inter-American Bank; Project Record ID: A00001451; Related Record IDs: A00001452;


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