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Acevedo, Angel (2018) The Idea of Στοιχεῖον in Grammar and Cosmology: From Antique Roots to Medieval Systems. Doctoral thesis, University of London.

Allen, Grace (2015) Vernacular Encounters with Aristotle’s Politics in Italy, 1260‒1600. Doctoral thesis, University of London.

Anderson, Joanne (2015) Mary Magdalen and the Imagery of Redemption: Reception and Revival in Fifteenth-Century Tyrol. Predella. Journal of Visual Arts, 35 . pp. 77-97. ISSN 1827-8655

Assimakopoulou, Ianthi (2014) Coexistence Of Mythological And Historical Elements And Narratives: Art At The Court Of The Medici Dukes. Masters thesis, University of London.

Avelar de carvalho, Helena (2018) The Making of an Astrologer in Fifteenth-Century France. The Notebooks of S. Belle: Lisbon, MS 1711 and Paris, NAL 398. Doctoral thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Azevedo, Ruben T. and De Beukelaer, Sophie and Jones, Isla L. and Safra, Lou and Tsakiris, Manos (2021) When the lens is too wide: The political consequences of the visual dehumanization of refugees. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 8 (115). ISSN 2662-9992


Baggio corradi, Allegra (2022) Niccolò Leonico Tomeo’s Dialogi (1524). The Philosophy of a Renaissance Scholar. Doctoral thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Barton, William and Miglietti, Sara (2015) An Eighteenth-Century Thought Experiment on Climate Change: Johann Jakob Scheuchzer's "De ignis seu caloris certa portione Heluetiae adsignata" (1708). Lias - Journal of Early Modern Intellectual Culture and its Sources .

Brown, Jeremy (2015) The Historical Vignettes in the Vatican Galleria delle Carte Geografiche. Masters thesis, University of London.


Cacopardo, Valentina (2021) Memory and Imagination in the Ars Memorativa in Fifteenth-Century Italy. Doctoral thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Christie, James Edward (2018) From Influence to Inhabitation: The Transformation of Astrobiology in the Early Modern Period. Doctoral thesis, University of London.

Clarke, Alison Victoria (2014) The Rediscovery of Fra Angelico in Nineteenth-century Britain. Masters thesis, University of London.

Clavarino, Margherita (2022) Miraculous Prints in Early-Modern Emilia-Romagna. Doctoral thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Cox, Merlin (2015) Similar Stars And Strange Angels: Giorgio Anselmi’s Astrological Magic. Masters thesis, University of London.


Daniotti, Claudia (2016) On the Cusp of Legend and History: The Myth of Alexander the Great in Italy between the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century. Doctoral thesis, University of London.

Deinema, Merel (2015) ‘A Man of Sorrows, and Acquainted with Grief’: Imagery of the Suffering Christ in the Art of the Late Medieval Low Countries and Counter-Reformation Spain. Masters thesis, University of London.

Duits, Rembrandt (2023) A Monumental Price Tag: The Cost of Furnishing a Family Chapel in the Second Half of the Fifteenth Century. In: Thomas Puttfarken Workshops I & II. University Studio Press, Thessaloniki, pp. 167-180. ISBN 978-960-12-2614-9

de Jong, Emma (2015) 'Thermae Diocletiani': Van Noyen's Ambitious Reconstruction of the Baths of Diocletian for Admirers of Architecture and the Antique. Masters thesis, University of London.


Everaarts, Marijn Catharina (2014) Art and Religion in Karel Van Mander’s Oeuvre: God and the Gods in the Schilder-boeck. Masters thesis, University of London.


Fransen, Sietske (2014) Exchange of Knowledge Through Translation: Jan Baptista Van Helmont and His Editors and Translators in the Seventeenth Century. Doctoral thesis, University of London.


Gartner, Richard (2018) Ascending the pyramid: librarians, metadata and the curation of culture. In: Proceedings of the IEEE 5th International Symposium on Emerging Trends and Technologies in Libraries and Information Services, 21-23 February 2018, Noida.

Gartner, Richard (2020) Intermediary XML schemas: constraint, templating and interoperability in complex environments. International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies, 14 (2). pp. 88-97. ISSN 1744-2621

Gartner, Richard (2019) Towards an ontology-based iconography. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities .

Gartner, Richard (2017) Using structured text corpora in Parliamentary Metadata Language for the analysis of legislative proceedings. Digital Humanities Quarterly . ISSN 1938-4122 (In Press)

Gartner, Richard (2021) THE WARBURG ICONOGRAPHIC DATABASE: From relational tables to interoperable metadata. In: Routledge International Handbook on Research Methods in the Digital Humanities. Routledge, London. ISBN 978-1-138-36302-1

Gartner, Richard and Mouren, Raphaele (2019) Archives, museums and libraries: breaking the metadata silos. In: 85th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, 24-30 August 2019, Athens. (In Press)

Gay, Lorenza (2014) Aspects of Nudity in Profane Art and Literature In Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Italy. Masters thesis, University of London.

Gay, Lorenza (2020) The French Renaissance of the Pagan Gods. French manuscript illuminations 1320-1420. Doctoral thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Gerritsen, Anne (2015) Gratie ende Bevalligheydt: The Concept of Grace in Dutch Art Literature. Masters thesis, University of London.

Giglioni, Guido (2007) The Eternal Return of the Same Intellects. A new edition of Girolamo Cardano's De Immortalitate Animorum. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XIII (1). pp. 177-183. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2010) Fazio and His Demons: Girolamo Cardano on the art of storytelling and the science of witnessing. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XVI (2). pp. 463-472. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2010) The First of the Moderns or the Last of the Ancients? Bernardino Telesio on Nature and Sentience. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XVI (1). pp. 69-87. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2012) Introduction: Tommaso Campanella and the arts of writing. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XVIII (1). pp. 11-13. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2012) The Metaphysical Implications of Campanella's Notion of Fiction. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XVIII (1). pp. 31-41. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2012) Philosophy According to Tacitus: Francis Bacon and the Inquiry into the Limits of Human Self-Delusion. Perspectives in Science, 20 (2). pp. 159-182. ISSN 1530-9274

Giglioni, Guido (2010) Synesian Dreams. Giacomo Cardano on dreams as means of prophetic communication. Bruniana & Campanelliana, XVI (2). pp. 575-584. ISSN 1724-0441

Giglioni, Guido (2008) What Ever happened to Francis Glisson? Albrecht Haller and the Fate of Eighteenth-Century Irritability. Science in Context, 21 (4). pp. 1-29. ISSN 1474-0664

Goodson, Lydia (2020) The Dynamics of Artistic Patronage in Perugia and the surrounding towns 1488-1540. Doctoral thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Gordian, Michael (2015) The Culture of Dis/simulation in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Europe. Doctoral thesis, University of London.

Grandolfo, Alessandro (2015) Giovanni Caccini (1556-1613): The Rise of the Language of Counter-reformation in Florentine Late-renaissance Sculpture. Masters thesis, University of London.

Greenfield, Emilienne (2015) ‘For to plant all maner plants’: French and English Household Books as Sources for Gardening in the Late 16th – Early 17th Centuries. Masters thesis, University of London.


Halkias, Georgios (2008) Achi Lhakang in Phyang Gonpa. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Alchi stupas. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Ba-sgo Kanjurs (gold and silver). [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Basgo Fort, Ladakh. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Basgo Fort, Ladakh. [Image] (Unpublished)

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Basgo Village, Ladakh. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Brag thog monastery. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Chamba Lhakang, Basgo Fort (Ladakh). [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Chamchung Lhakang, Basgo Fort (Ladakh). [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Entrance Gates to the Bhimakali Temple Complex, Sarahan. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Gomik - New Monastery, Spiti. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Gomik - Old monastery, Spiti.

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Hanuman Temple in Bimakali Temple Courtyard, Sarahan. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Hemis Festival. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Images from the Town of Rampur, old capital of Bashahr. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Inside the Bhimakali Temple Complex, Sarahan. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Inside the Bimakali Temple Complex. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Islamic reception for HH 14th Dalai Lama, Leh 2007. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Kyi Monastery, Spiti. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Langza, Spiti. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) The Last Trading Post in Kinnaur - Namgya Village and the caravan route to Tibet. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Legal Documents in Thakri script on Bashahr. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED.

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Lossar Rural Museum, Collections Part I (Lahaul). [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Lossar Rural Museum, Collections Part II. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Lossar Rural Museum, Collections Part III. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Nako Temple Complex. [Image] (Unpublished)

Halkias, Georgios (2008) On the way to Basgo Fort, Ladakh. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Palace Compound in Rampur, the old capital of the Rajas of Bashahr. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2008) Serzang Lhakang, Basgo Fort (Ladakh). [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Small Bhimakali Temple, Bhimakali Temple Complex, Sarahan. [Image]

Halkias, Georgios (2007) Snake Charmers at Rekong Peo. [Image]

Hitti, Ngaio (2015) Considering the Elizabethan Portrait Miniature as an Object of Devotion. Masters thesis, University of London.


Lancaster, James (2015) The World’s a Bubble: Francis Bacon, Nature, and the Politics of Religion. Doctoral thesis, University of London.


Mack, Peter (2001) Elizabethan Parliamentary Oratory. Huntington Library Quarterly, 64 (1-2). pp. 23-61.

Mack, Peter (1993) Rhetoric and the Essay. Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 23 (2).

Mack, Peter (2000) Rudolph Agricola's Christmas Sermon. In: Limae labor et mora : opstellen voor Fokke Akkerman ter gelegenheid van zijn zeventigste verjaardag. Ed. by Z. von Martels, P. Steenbakkers and A. Vanderjagt. Damon, Leende, pp. 45-54.

Manns, Andrew (2019) Political Storytelling and Propaganda: William Prynne and the English Afterlife of Tommaso Campanella. Doctoral thesis, University of London.

Mckenzie, Louisa (2019) Neri di Bicci’s St Giovanni Gualberto Enthroned: patronage, production and meaning. Masters thesis, University of London.

Miglietti, Sara (2022) Ambiente. In: Il lessico della modernità. Continuità e mutamenti dal xvi al xviii secolo. Carocci, Rome.

Miglietti, Sara (2010) Amitié, harmonie et paix politique chez Aristote et Jean Bodin. Astérion. Philosophie, histoire des idées, pensée politique .

Miglietti, Sara (2020) Between Nature and Culture: The Integrated Ecology of Renaissance Climate Theories. In: Early Modern Ecologies: Beyond English Ecocriticism, ed. Pauline Goul and Phillip Usher. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam.

Miglietti, Sara (2019) Climate Theory: An Invented Tradition? In: Spreading Knowledge in a Changing World, ed. Charles Burnett and Pedro Mantas-España. CNERU - The Warburg Institute.

Miglietti, Sara (2022) Climate theories in Italy. In: Routledge Encyclopedia of the Renaissance World. Routledge.

Miglietti, Sara (2016) Debating Greatness from Machiavelli to Burton. In: Early Modern Philosophers and the Renaissance Legacy, ed. Cecilia Muratori and Gianni Paganini. Springer, Dordrecht.

Miglietti, Sara (2019) "En langage latin et françoys communiqué": Antoine Mizauld's Astrometeorological Self-Translations. Rivista di Storia della Filosofia .

Miglietti, Sara (2020) Environmental Ethics For A Fallen World: Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (1672–1733) And The Boundaries Of Human Agency. Earth Sciences History .

Miglietti, Sara (2020) Jean Bodin on Action and Contemplation: A Reappraisal. In: Penser et agir à la Renaissance / Thought and Action in the Renaissance, ed. Philippe Desan and Véronique Ferrer. Droz, Geneva.

Miglietti, Sara (2022) Jean Bodin: une pensée en mouvement. Etude des variantes entre les deux rédactions de la Methodus (1566, 1572). Seizième Siècle .

Miglietti, Sara (2010) "Justice et liberté". Des volontaires italiens en Catalogne (1936-1937). Aden. Paul Nizan et les années Trente .

Miglietti, Sara (2019) New Worlds, Ancient Theories: Reshaping Climate Theory in the Early Colonial Atlantic. In: Translating Nature: Cross-Cultural Histories of Early Modern Science, ed. J. Marroquin Arredondo and R. Bauer. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia.

Miglietti, Sara (2019) Nicodemism. In: Encyclopedia of Renaissance Philosophy, ed. Marco Sgarbi. Springer, Dordrecht.

Miglietti, Sara (2018) Sovereignty, Territory, and Population in Jean Bodin's "République". French Studies, 72 (1). pp. 17-34.

Miglietti, Sara (2022) Un Caso Di Autotraduzione Medico-Scientifica Nel Rinascimento: Il Pourtraict De La Santé / Diaeteticon Polyhistoricon Di Joseph Duchesne (1606). In: TRADUIRE – TRADURRE TRANSLATING. Vie des mots et voies des œuvres dans l’Europe de la Renaissance. Droz.

Miglietti, Sara and Morgan, John E. (2017) Introduction: Ruling "Climates" in the Early Modern World. In: Governing the Environment in the Early Modern World: Theory and Practice, ed. Sara Miglietti and John Morgan. Routledge, London and New York.


Noble, Michael Sebastian (2017) The perfection of the soul in Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī's Al-Sirr al-maktūm. Doctoral thesis, University of London.


Popoviciu, Laura (2014) Between Taste and Historiography: Writing About Early Renaissance Works of Art In Venice and Florence (1550-1800). Doctoral thesis, University of London.

Porcher, Rachel (2015) The Word, the Workman, and the World Creative imagination in the trope of ‘Poet as Creator’. Masters thesis, University of London.


Quiviger, Francois (1987) Benedetto Varchi and the visual arts. Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 50 . pp. 219-224.

Quiviger, Francois (2007) Relief is in the mind: observations on Renaissance Low-Relief sculpture. In: Depth of Field. Relief Sculpture in Renaissance Italy. Lang, Oxford, pp. 169-189. ISBN 9783039111114 (pbk.)


Ramsey, Francesca (2015) Nakedness Reveals Itself. Nudity is Placed on Display. Masters thesis, University of London.

Re'em, Eleanor (2015) What Women Want - The Penis Market in Renaissance Italy. Masters thesis, University of London.

Rodriguez Arribas, Josefina (2009) Astronomical and Astrological Terms in Ibn Ezra's Biblical Commentaries: A New Approach. Culture and Cosmos, 13 (1). pp. 3-24. ISSN 1368-6534 (In Press)

Rodriguez Arribas, Josefina (2010) Science in Poetic Contexts: Astronomy and Astrology in the Hebrew Poetry of Sepharad (Ciencia en un contexto poético: Astronomía y astrología en la poesía hebrea de Sefarad). Miscelanea de Estudios Arabes y Hebraicos, 59 . pp. 167-202. ISSN 2340-2547

Rousseau, Marina (2015) Pictura et Poesis in Caraglio's Loves of the Gods. Masters thesis, University of London.


Sachet, Paolo (2015) Publishing for the Popes: The Cultural Policy of the Catholic Church towards Printing in Sixteenth-Century Rome. Doctoral thesis, University of London.

Scafi, Alessandro (2008) The African Paradise of Cardinal Carvajal: New Light on the “Kunstmann II Map,” 1502–1506. Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme, 31.2. .

Scafi, Alessandro (2010) Epilogue: a heaven on earth. In: Paradise in Antiquity : Jewish and Christian views. Ed. by Markus Bockmuehl and Guy G. Stroumsa. Cambridge University Press, pp. 210-220. ISBN 9780521117869

Scafi, Alessandro (2011) Finishing the Unfinished: Paradise in Fausto da Longiano's Vernacular Translation of Piccolomini's Cosmographia (1544). In: Mantova e il Rinascimento italiano : studi in onore di David S. Chambers. Sometti, Mantova, pp. 1-12.

Scafi, Alessandro (2006) The Image of Persia in Western Medieval Cartography. In: Proceedings of the 5th conference of the Societas Iranological Europæa held in Ravenna, 6-11 October 2003. Edited by Antonio Panaino and Riccardo Zipoli. Mimesis Edizioni, Milan.

Scafi, Alessandro (2011) Mapping the Religious Mind: India and the Medieval Geography of Religion. In: Dean's Seminar. (Unpublished)

Schaefer, Laura Isern (2014) The Iconography of the Madonna Lactans in The Thirteenth and Sixteenth Centuries Italian Art: Lithurgy and Devotion. Masters thesis, University of London.

Schepers, Talitha Maria (2014) Unravelling the Image of the Turk: an examination of artists who travelled to Constantinople within a diplomatic context (1453-1571): Gentile Bellini, Pieter Coecke van Aelst and Nicolas de Nicolay. Masters thesis, University of London.

Schulze-feldmann, Finn (2018) Reforming Sibyls: Change in Religious Belief and the Sibylline Tradition between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. Doctoral thesis, University of London.

Sessin, Serenella (2014) Gems in Renaissance Material Culture. Masters thesis, University of London.

Spreafico, Marco (2018) Ideas, Attitudes and Beliefs about Language in Italy from the Thirteenth to the Fifteenth Century. Doctoral thesis, University of London.


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Tononi, Fabio (2021) A Neuroaesthetic Approach to the Study of Responses to Unfinished Works of Art of the Italian Renaissance. Doctoral thesis, School of Advanced Study.

Toth, Peter (2012) Dean's Seminar: Prophets-Play: Personifying the Old Testament from Early Christian Homiletics to Medieval Drama. In: Dean's Seminar, 13-06-2012, Senate House, School of Advanced Study.


Verdigel, Genevieve (2020) Bartolomeo & Benedetto Montagna and the Role of The Graphic Arts in Vicenza c.1480-1520. Doctoral thesis, University of London.

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